high volume - low resolution - portable 3D printer

"perfection is not a priority, but speed is..."

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What is PrintRod

3D printing is cool, but we want it fast
and portable. We think speed and size
of printed objects are limiting factors for
3D printing mass adoption

- The PrintRod is a portable 3D printer
- The PrintRod prints big objects fast
- The PrintRod has resolution of 1cm
- The PrintRod is using foam & bubbles to print
- The PrintRod is low power device


PrintRod Head

Print Head

- We experiment with different extruders
o Bubble extruder
o Foam extruder
o Plastic fabric extruder


- Volume of printed object up to 6 cubic meter
- Height and diameter of printed object: 2m


- we utilize material expansion to achieve the volume
- we use foam and plastic bubbles to print
- On average 1:4 material to volume ratio

Material expansion chart

Processing Unit

- Intel Edison (x86 IoT board sized as SD Card)
o Dual core Atom 500 MHz – 1GB RAM
o Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity
o Low power consumption – 1W

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our PrintRod prototype, give us suggestions for new features and possible uses, or to just say hello!